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Ask me anything   Submit   Hi! My blog is about Lara Pulver (Irene Adler in Sherlock), Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary from Downton Abbey), musical theatre etc. Not too many posts, minimum of reblogs, lots of original photos. "Sky sparkling with diamonds" is a line from "Uncle Vanya" - a play by Chekhov, in which both Lara and Michelle had played.

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This is so cute, J H R Christ!

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Dream role for Lara Pulver: Wallis Simpson (also, her gowns are to die for)

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""I have like enormous amounts of praise and admiration for Caitriona," Ronald D. Moore told Access earlier this week ahead of the final cut on Season 1. "I think the show literally lives and dies on her performance in year one and she’s a trooper. She’s been in every scene, every day, which is an enormously taxing job and it’s hard to even emphasize how much fatigue and difficulty goes along with being [in] every scene, every day on a show like this, out in the elements, every day, having to learn lines, come and do it again the next day. The rest of the cast comes and goes and Caitriona was there day after day after day and she was always the one on the set cracking jokes, and she’s always on target in every scene. She has an intention, you can watch her think, she’s just – she’s amazing. She never lets us down and you know, she is the show."
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My love for these two continue! 

Once a dirty Scot, always a dirty Scot
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The Wedding on Google Drive, 1,1 GB HD .mkv (download or stream)

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I will upload “The Wedding” ep. on GoogleDrive…

…as soon as it’s available for downloading.
Please come and check my blog later!
(I thought I’d post this now because it will be lost in the tag later, in all the pictures and squeeing that will follow after it airs)

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but then you begin to wonder if maybe life on this alien world is not so different after all…

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