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a.k.a. a slogan of interstellar hyperspace travellers.

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*the audience laughing every time*

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What are your observations of Lara Pulver who plays Louise?

STEPHEN MEAR: Lara does four strips during the show, and they have to get better and better as the story progresses: from the first one, where she is just frozen, to the big Minsky’s routine at the end. I know she has been a successful actress for a while, but I think people will be surprised at what an amazing dancer she is. She’s just sensational. (

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Lara Pulver is quite sensational as Louise/Gypsy. In the first Act, she draws no attention to herself, content to be the forgotten daughter. Her rendition of Little Lamb is soft and beautiful. As she watches Tulsa dance, her eyes betray her character’s hunger for a chance to be noticed. Then, in Act Two, she slowly takes charge of her life and her gorgeous, critical scene with Anita Combe’s pitch-perfect Tessie Tura sees her shed her dependence on her mother’s say-so and the transformation begins apace, all leading to the truly delicious mirror moment where she finally accepts her own beauty. Pulver handles the sequence where Gypsy comes to life and fame as a burlesque striper with grace and subtlety, and the transition from frightened novice to accomplished diva/star is as layered and carefully achieved as any portrayal of King Lear’s descent into madness. (

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^^^this sounds like music to my ears
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so here’s lara! this is a duet with june (played by gemma sutton). you can find the lyrics here so you can distinguish which voice is whose. lara plays louise. more of the audio here.

AUDIO! Yeeeeeeesssss!
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So many people on Twitter and in reviews are surprised at Lara’s great singing in Gypsy! Don’t they know that she was in professional musical theatre for many years, since she was 13?
She’s one of Jason Robert Brown’s favourites, and believe me, this composer is a genius and a very insightful and demanding director. And as far as I know, no one but Lara was invited to be in the leading roles in TWO of his rather few musicals.
P.S. besides, Irene Adler was a singer too, maybe not in BBC Sherlock version, but it’s right under the surface I’d say ;)

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we all take a bow / including the cow. / though business is lousy and slow / with herbie’s vim, louise’s verve / now all we need is someone with nerve. / together, wherever we go!

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Some really epic photos from Elliott Franks website.
*crying at the thought of never seeing this*

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Because I have seen such a rush of love from folks for this show, and because I am taking a night off from working on the recaps to get some knitting done, here are all my Outlander posts since the beginning, back when I only did My Favorite Scene up till the full recaps I am doing now. We all…

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Here is the  last dress I made. I love how happy she is about it :)

(I’m glad I can take a longer break from sewing now though)

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okay a la clarajohnsons i’m just going to make one big post about bridges boot feels because these separate text posts are becoming too much. a lot of this stuff is just stuff that i’m freaking that you can actually see in this boot and is bringing back flooding feelings of when i saw it live…

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okay i’ve only watched it super quick because i have so much work today but of course i watched it anyway, in the new bootleg, some extras i can think of off the top of my head that you can see

  • the entire stage when there is more than one thing going on (excellent) ie all the split scenes (i’ll…
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