The English clock strikes 17 English strokes
Oh Lara!
Raza Jaffrey: Honored to be part of this. Attended years ago and fell in love with every intelligent tasteful bit of it. @dinard2012
Lara Pulver: You've lived in America too long...honoured!
Raza Jaffrey: Damnit was waiting for someone to pickup on that. In my defense I have an over zealous US iPad.
Lara Pulver: Obviously...Defense??? Defence!!!
Noam Friedlander: hahaha. Defence. There is no defence.
Tom Riley: This is from the girl who calls petrol gas & trousers pants. And sweet potatoes yams. The last one may not be true.
Raza Jaffrey: Thank you Tom. And most of that was when she lived in Dartford.
Lara Pulver: Errr... Riley? Who's side are you on? Hint: you have to work alongside me...often!
Tom Riley: You have a point. And you also bake excellent granola. Just like all Brits. Wait, what?
Lara Pulver: Coming from the man who orders pastrami sandwiches on rye!!!
Raza Jaffrey: wait until you try her quintessentially anglo saxon turkey meatloaf. With ketchup.
Lara Pulver: Maybe we're on to something very own transatlantic recipe book!
Suzie Toase: I see your transatlantic flirty banter! Off to bed with water bottle. The things you do to keep warm when your man’s in NY! X